Tech-driven entrepreneur passionate to create value focused workflows and companies

Founded Companies


Berlin, GER
Sept 2018 — Dec 2019

Stage: open for pre-seed funding

Shitcoingraveyard is a community driven rating engine for crypto currency assets built on a mix of data-analytics and decentralized expert rating in early stage.

My Responsibilities:

  • leading dev team
  • designed all rating engines incl stakeholder incentivization modelling of decentralized approach
  • designed prediction market mechanics
  • designed and implemented a customized CMS including publishing workflow and API-integrations
  • designed cloud-based data-analytics and data-mining
  • designed and implemented all internal structure (ERP-system)
  • sourced and onboarded core-partnerships to Korea through my Asia network
Founder &
System Architect

Berlin, GER
July 2016 — Dec 2019

Stage: privately funded,
operational through revenue

SOOOM is a 3D-animation production-house managing teams throughout all time-zones with main client-base in USA, Europe and China. SOOOM's core business is project management for photo-realistic product-advertising in the industrial B2B sector. Our own custom-made project management software allows for entirely distributed work without any fixed office. This allows to scale the amount of parallel running productions and the production size flexibly up and down and disrupted the legacy setup of operating with central teams that always had the problem that they had either too less or too much employees for this kind of project work.

My Responsibilities:

  • founder and holder of 85% equity
  • vision & strategy
  • design, low-coding, testing and implementation of the entire ERP-system and project management system using Podio, PHP and Globiflow
  • company setup of a Czech S.R.O. and a German branch office
  • digitized business-logic and built automations
  • lead distributed project teams within 20+ countries
  • setup multiplier sales network in Asia and the US with deep ties into industrial clients like Boeing, Precision Castparts Corp (Warran Buffett invested), Lexus, Kohler and many others
  • currently board member, no longer active in operations
Founder & Operations

Shanghai, CN
Jan 2007 — Jan 2015

Stage: Sold

The Looop CGI was the 3D-production house of The Looop Network. Developed as a 3D/CGI department within The Looop Studios from 2007. From 2011 added a motion picture department and became the most advanced brand in CG-productions in China's automotive and advertising industry. 

My Responsibilities:

  • from 2006: research and setup of the entire 3D/CGI-pipeline within The Looop Studios
  • Company Setup in Shanghai’s competitive advertising market with 51% ownership.
  • CGI/3D Project Management, recruitment, account directing, render-farm hardware design
  • in 2010 I  took over operations as general manager, scaling team from 2 to 15 people in one year.
  • from 2011 I added a motion picture department and the company became the most advanced brand in CG-productions in China's automotive and advertising industry 
  • My partner Jen Halim and me sold the company end of 2014 with a 25 people team.


Project Manager

Shanghai, CN
March 2003 — Aug 2009

Stage: Studio closed in 2011, Business sold to The Looop CGI

The Looop Studios were a setup of advertising photo/film studios in an ex-military airport hangar with 1000sqm shooting space. Specialization on automobile with clients like VW, General Motors, SIAC and others.
Additionally in 2005, setup a marketing-agency that sold German car photographers services to Chinese car manufacturers and advertising agencies.

My Responsibilities:

  • Studio design and setup
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Key Account Management
  • Photographer Management
  • International relationships and partnerships
  • 49% ownership



Shanghai, CN
Feb 2005 — Aug 2012

The Looop Productions was a strong production team focused on helping international clients to produce large scale photo-shootings in China.
I helped with leveraging knowledge over Chinese markets plus strong networks to Europe’s advertising agencies.
Clients included BMW (5-series long), Volvo (S80), Siemens (4 different departments), Apple, Morgan Stanley, Roland Berger and many more.

My Responsibilities:

  • Project Management and Executive Film/Photo Producer
  • Cultural Catalisator between Chinese and Western Teams
  • Organisation, castings, customs handling of film equipment, location booking, highway/roads permits/blocking, negotiations with governement officials and police, handling celebrities and models, security for secret prototype cars
  • 49% ownership

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Long before a product market fit can be found, i encourage my co-founder to develop a Vision of the new venture, together. We bounce values and ideas for the future of the company and nail it into a "Company Culture". This later on helps to steer the startup through tough decisions, give employees a guide to make decisions that they where not trained on, and gives us the opportunity to define a Strategy and Tactics to reach our Mission.

I believe, this is a critical step in the birth of any new company.

Leadership Style

I believe that the methods, steps and processes of leadership are all
obtained with and through people.

To generate a trustful and self-empowering office environment i tend to
employ "Coach" or "Transformational" leadership methods on team level,
and "Strategic" and "Visionary" leadership styles towards the overall
As culture, vision and strategy is different for every startup, i mix
wherever necessary. For example in sales-teams for certain products i
would rather go with a "Transactional" style focused on performance with
some amount of mentorship.

I tend to build teams where each employee has an expertise or skill set in
something different. In the long-run, this creates strong teams that can
communicate well and embrace each other's unique skill sets in order to
get work done.

Product Market Fit

Weather a startup or product flies or not is essentially determined by product-market-fit. Iterations of design-thinking and agile pivoting in development processes help me to fail fast and advance product and company.

Before this process starts i break down the idea to it's most important core and focus efforts on developing this to an MVP. Usually, i produce rapid digital prototypes through low-coding tools to get the idea off the ground and test for tangible results. Based on those i iterate the process until a product-market-fit is reached and the idea can go to market.

My Key Assets



16 years leadership experience as founder, CEO and CTO in Start-ups


Asia Network

strong business network, investor relations and cultural understanding in Asia through 13 years company building out of Shanghai and deep ties to the SEA-region


System Engineering

8 years experience as low-coding system architect with tech- experiences in blockchain, 3D-rendering, VR/AR/MR, big data, platform economy and ML.
Cration of integrated workflows between IT-processes, employee-tasks and outsourcing.



Startup Asia Berlin


Berlin, GER
March 2018 — present

SUAB (Startup Asia Berlin) is an initiative by the Berlin Senate of Economy to connect the Berlin Start-up Ecosystem to counterparts in Asia. This includes a yearly conference (Asia-Pacific Week Berlin), Delegation Trips to and from Asian Start-up hubs and extending the network throughout the regions. As SUAB Ambassador Marten consults and promotes SUAB as a network and get in frequent contact with governmental partners, investors, start-ups and ecosystem-builders throughout China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Berlin.


  consult on tech-related issues
  consult on future-tech
  plan and co-organize the Asia-Pacific Week
  connect people through my network

Researcher &
Protocol Architect

Berlin, GER
Jan 2018 — July 2018

Project BlockRate resulted in a research white-paper that describes a decentralized rating market designed as smart contracts on the blockchain to rate crypto-currencies through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation). This setup allows for a fair and transparent rating of assets by a community without a conflict of interest or any involvement of any of the rated assets.


  design decentralized governance
  design rating engine
  design stakeholder incentivization
  writing of actual paper

Public Speaking

Keynote Speaker & Moderator

different places
2016 — present

Speak on conferences, public events and workshops.
Some recordings:

+ "Approaching Singularity" in Shanghai, 2016 [ENG]
+ "Singularity" at SAP Berlin with people of the Berlin Senate of Economy [GER]
+ "Brain-Computer Interfaces"at De:Days Mallorca [ENG]
+ "DAO's and the Future of Work" [ENG]
+ "Masterclass: 3D Rendering for B2B" at NKF Summit [GER - comming soon]


Besides my professional engagement, every year, I chose one future-tech research topic that I study to keep up with technology, theories and thought processes.

2019 - Brain Computer Interfaces

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) or Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) build a direct bridge between brains and external devices. This technology has been researched in university labs for decades and now humanity arrives at a point where high-bandwith communication between human brains and any computer is technically possible. CEO's getting ready to sell us the first consumer-market devices. This will change the the humans psyche, altern our realities and give users new cognitive abilities. The impact on society will be huge, yet i see almost no public discussion about the topic. 
That's why i created, an open-source information platform with a journalistic approach for easy access to the idea of connecting brains to computers. The Vision is to bring this topic into more people's presence, foster discussion and nurture public knowledge in the field.

2018 - DAO 

Smart contracts are programs that sit on the blockchain and that can be executed by anyone at any time without anyone can ever altern the code of the program nor the result of execution after the code is initially deployed on the chain. Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO) are organisations that run entirely on smart contracts. To imagine how this works one can picture a company with it's business logic. For example when a company makes profit, then the company must pay a certain amount of taxes. Or at the end of the month employees must be paid. In the case of a DAO this business logic is coded into smart contracts. With this, an organisation can function without a C-level or any leader. 
My research in this field was around the problem how DAO's could evolve themselves over time. I designed governance models where investors of a DAO would be able to vote on changes of the code of the smart contracts to make the DAO agile and functional in a modern dynamic economy.
The DAO i designed got the purpose of a decentralized rating market for crypto currencies. A whitepaper is downloadable on I also helt several publich speeches about other DAO-related topics like "The Future of Work".

2017 - Singularity

I studied in depth Ray Kurzweils theories about law of accelerating returns which predicts an exponential increase in technologies like computersgeneticsnanotechnologyrobotics and artificial intelligence. Once the Singularity has been reached, Kurzweil says that machine intelligence will be infinitely more powerful than all human intelligence combined. The Singularity is also the point at which machines intelligence and humans would merge.
10 years after Kurzweil published his theories, i reviewed them, made adjustments and developed own adaptations which found place in several publich speeches that year. Here one talk in English that i held in Shanghai and here one in German that i helt in front of people from the German Senate of Economy and Energy at SAP Berlin.

2016 - Quantum Computing

I studied into the world of quantum entaglement, Q-bits, Superposition, Quantum Gates and other fascinating defaults that seem very wired from our perspective. 
This study only resulted in a higher understanding in modern computition and physics but so far no output.

My Most Epic Fails

You win: you party.
You lose: you learn!

I had to learn the hard way that companies doesn't scale by simply hiring more people: In 2010, in our company "The Looop CGI", based in Shanghai's competitive advertising market, we had built a nice and robust tech solution for rendering photo-realistic CGI-images from client CAD-data. Over 2 years, I had focused on getting the tech ready, so that when customers would show demand we can quickly roll-out. And sure enough: in 2010 suddenly China's advertising market shifted to 3D and we were selling hot cakes. I had to scale the company from 2 to 15 people within a year and miserably failed in building employee structure, visions, guidelines and was unable to delegate tasks.
In the following spring i took a month off and viewed the company from a distance, dove into vision and structure, developed tools and guides and focused on employee mentorship. The result was that the team thankfully embraced the changes and within 2011 we rolled out an entire motion-picture department with great efficiency.

Another fail came along just last year within our company SOOOM. We had worked hard to establish our services within a giant corporate in the aerospace sector in the US. For years we were one of their top vendors and through this position we acquired additionally their customers and their suppliers trust. A great business was spinning out.
However, suddenly, the planes from this corporate fell from the sky and got grounded by the FAA. Their supplier started dying and their customers moved on to other manufacturers.
Within one summer we had lost over 70% of our business.
I learned that simple customer diversification doesn't cut it when shit hits the fan. Diversification has to also happen across industries, entire markets and continents.